Precious Moments

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I am big on moments.  I like to completely immerse myself and my senses into recognizing them for their uniqueness and importance.  I’m not sitting in wonderment all day, but there are certain times when you have to mentally freeze time and take in all a moment has to offer.  Many times it’s an occasion that will never happen again; where particular this group of people and this particular chain of events has created this significant experience, and just knowing it’s exclusivity makes it all the more sweeter.

I may sound super whimsical, but by absorbing moments I am taking the time to enjoy my life. They aren’t all huge events, but they are important to me.  I remember rocking my god daughters to sleep, picking them up from school, kissing skinned knees and reading them bedtime stories.  I have marveled in the Eiffel Tower, the Congo River, the Colosseum and and the hidden pathways of Sugarloaf Mountain.   I cherish the late nights, road trips, rooftops, endless dinners and dancing until dawn with my friends.  I can still visualize the final play of my last volleyball game.

I invite you to look around at your life and really recognize it’s prestige.  Take a second and just be there; listening to the sounds, appreciating it’s beauty, savoring all that has created this magic and embracing it all.  It will make you appreciate your personal journey and be thankful for your life.

“Your ability to see beauty and possibility is proportionate to the level at which you embrace gratitude.” – Dr. Steve Maraboli

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