Wanderlust Wednesday: Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is a city of vibrance.  This isn’t your basic Spanish city.  It’s unique and fun.  The Catalan culture embraces you from all directions.  The streets aren’t lined with your standard box- like buildings.  Architect Antoni Gaudí made sure of that by incorporating rounded edges and mosaic tiles that make Barcelona stand out.  He’s responsible for the Sagrada Familia, a breathtaking church that was started in 1882 and is still under construction (yes, 132 years later!).   He can also claim Parc Güell which is more about the design than the grassy knoll to each lunch.  When you do get hungry (it happens!), Barcelona has an eclectic food scene.  Indulge in true Catalan cuisine which is a delicious fusion of Mediterranean and Spanish.  Locals eat later than most cultures so while waiting for lunch around 2 pm or dinner at 10 pm, snack on the local favorite of patatas bravas or grab a bocadillo.  When you do get around to lunch, ask for the 3 course menú del día for lunch that will get you pretty full.  For dinner, explore the meats, the seafood, the stews and the overall creativity of the dishes.

Barcelona has a little something for everyone.  Take the tourist route and saunter down Las Ramblas for the street performers, the hustle of the area (keep those valuables close) and a delicious suc and sweets at La Boqueria.  Take the architectural route and get lost in the detail of Barri Gòtic (Gothic Quarter).  If you need a little water in your life, venture down to Barceloneta (entertaining) or Nova Icaria (quiet) beaches for relaxation or people watching.  If you are into art, head over to MACBA.  Just want to embrace a beautiful city, see Barcelona.  Where are you headed first?

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