Wanderlust Wednesday: Florence, Italy

Wanderlust Wednesday

Destination: Florence, Italy

Envision your favorite neighborhood in your favorite city.  DSC_0456There might be beautiful and delicious restaurants tucked away into corners, not obvious to the common passerby.  There might be beautiful architecture that causes you to stop and stare in awe.  There might even be streets lined with specialty and luxury shops with decent prices (gasp!). This is the perfect description of Florence, Italy.  Both the city and the countryside deliver views and an experience leaves a permanent impression.  Il Duomo, Ponte Vecchio, the Basilicas, the Piazzas and the Gallerias (degli Uffuzi and dell’ Academia) will transform anyone into a history enthusiast. Then there is the food.  As stated above, the best restaurants are the ones you have to look for and they are well worth the effort.  After wandering aimlessly around the city (which is so easy to do), indulge in authentic Tuscan cuisine of antipasti, prosciutto, minestrone, cheeses, tiramisu, and REAL pasta. Hungry?

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