The 8 Commandments of a Traveler Mind

 Have you ever heard the phrase “get your mind right”?  Well, before going on any trip, take a second to prepare your mind as well as yourself for all that you will be doing.  Listed for your pleasure are the 8 Commandments of a Traveler Mind; a list of mental cues to keep you positive and open to all that your destination has to offer you.

1.  Thou shalt not be cheap.

Financially conscious, yes.  Frugal to the point of compromising, no.  I am not saying you should blow your savings, but understand that stuff happens and/ or you deserve a little luxury.  Treat yourself to a nice meal or an original piece of artwork.  Not all prices require haggling and sometimes, just to maintain your sanity, you are going to end up paying extra.  Get your finances straight before you leave and understand that some things just get “charged to the game.”

2.  Thou shalt be your vacation self.DSCF0299

Everyone is more fun, a little happier and more relaxed on vacation.  Maybe it’s the extra sleep.  Maybe it’s the break from the norm.  Allow yourself to enjoy yourself and be happy. (Picture- me and the ocean in Cancun)

3.  Thou shalt become a local (at least for a day).

Locals don’t take the tourist route.  They eat in neighborhoods.  They shop off the beaten path. They enjoy activities that your culture may deem odd.  Just do it anyway! (Picture- Apple Tea in Istanbul.  It’s so good!)DSCF0660

4.  Thou shalt have a sense of adventure.

Explore the reason you chose to travel there in the first place.  I try to do or see something each trip that either makes my stomach flip or gives me a sense of wonderment.

(Photo credit – Patara Elephant Farm, Thailand.  Major wanderlust item!)

20140613_0821525.  Thou shalt embrace.

Attempt to speak the language.  Eat food that you wouldn’t typically find in the States.  People appreciate when you respect and try to understand the local customs and embrace their lifestyle.

(Picture- Me at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul.  Women are required to cover their head, arms above the elbow and legs to below the knee.)

6.  Thou shalt document.

Some people journal.  Some people take pictures (ME!!).  Some people blog.  But all people should do something to remember the awesomeness of what you did or saw.  You will want to remember the details of your experience so be kind to your future self and get some personal proof.

7.  Thou shalt speak.

Your experiences are made even better when you get to know the people.  Talk to the cab driver, the store clerk and the holy grail of information the front desk of any hotel. These people know the ins and outs and the good and not so good of your temporary new home.  It’s also great to talk with the people at the table next to you.  Speak up and open the door to new friendships and possibilities.

8.  Thou shalt go with the flow.

Let’s face it.  Stuff happens.  I encourage you to not have your entire trip planned out to the last detail and allow time to wander throughout the day.  Take more time at the beach or eat a long dinner.  Even when your plan falls through, tell yourself the Serenity Prayer and keep it moving.  Recognize how to appreciate the moment and that the delay or cancellation now reveals an otherwise missed opportunity.


 Created by JH for Bronzielife.  All rights reserved

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