The Longest Day

Dedicated to my great travel buddy, Chiemela.  

My first trip to Paris was for less than 24 hours. Chiemela and I were in the UK and decided that we could hop over to Paris for the day.  Yep, we thought we could see all the beauty and culture Paris has to offer in one day.   Needless to say, the day was a whirlwind involving 2 cities, a few trains, a lot of running, getting lost, very little food, and taking in the most breathtaking views of Paris.

I make books of the pictures I take while traveling using Blurb.  

My Paris book has this timeline of our day’s events.    

6:30 am    Wake Up in London

7:00 am    Breakfast (pain au chocolat yum!)  

7:15 am    Check out of LSE Dorms and power walk to Charing Cross Station

7:30 am    Walk the maze of tunnels in the Tube to get to the train

7:45 am    Arrive at St. Pancras Station Eurostar

                  Power walk again to get to Eurostar

7:55 am    Sit down & catch breath 

8:02 am    Eurostar leaves London

11:20 am  Arrive in Paris

11:30 am  Figure out how to get to hostel and hop on Metro

12:00 n     Walk through a park, down the wrong street, ask for help, find correct street, walk uphill and finally arrive at the Perfect Hostel.  All with luggage!

12:30 pm  Find out that we cannot check in yet

12:35 pm  Change clothes in the back of restaurant and place luggage in holding room

12: 45 pm Leave the hostel and walk back to the Metro 

1:10 pm    Arrive in the middle of Paris and get lost. Beautiful city to be lost in.

1:45 pm    Still lost and looking for the tour office

1:50 pm    Find tour office and walk up 4 flights of stairs (elevator broken)

2:00 pm    Find out all we have to do is give the voucher to the driver and we didn’t need to go to the office in the first place

2:01 pm    Hold back tears

2:02 pm    Walk back down 4 flights of stairs

2:10 pm    Walk into the Lourve courtyard102_0535

2:30 pm    Run across the courtyard to catch the our tour bus

2:35 pm    SIT DOWN!!!

2:40 pm    Enjoy the tour and capture some of my favorite pictures

                    Snack on crackers and the cookies 

6:15 pm    Get off the bus at the Bastille and take Metro to the Eiffel Tower

6:30 pm   Arrive at Eiffel Tower and stare102_0641

6:50 pm    Meet a few people and take few pictures

7:30 pm    Go up the elevator to the top of Eiffel Tower

                   Watch the sun set over the city


9:10 pm    Walk down stairs to first level

9:15 pm    Keep walking down stairs102_0734

9:30 pm   Eavesdrop on conversation about the cost of dinner                       while waiting for elevator 

9:50 pm    Still waiting on elevator (and now watching an                                argument about the dinner)

10:00 pm  Leave Eiffel Tower

10:10 pm  Accidentally walk through exit of Metro station

10:40 pm  Get to Anvers station and decide to walk up to the Sacre Coeur

10:50 pm  Take pictures of Sacre Coeur

10:55 pm Leave Sacre Coeur

11:00 pm  Get food at Burger Bin- a Greek restaurant

11:20 pm Speed walk hungry and exhausted back to hostel

11:30 pm  Get our luggage and the check in to our room

11:40 pm  Inhale food 1c76e-anigif_enhanced-buzz-25659-1382022824-41


12:10 am  Go to bed

3:45 am    Wake Up

4:00 am    Check out of Perfect Hostel and head to the airport

What crazy adventure have you had in just one day?  Tell your story in the comment section!

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